Q. What is your style and approach to filming a wedding/event?

A. We like to capture each event by following the action and filming the moments as they unfold.  We stay away from forced and cheesy gimmicks.  Our film and editing team do their best to retell each story in a honest and unique way. 


Q. Do I really need videography if I’m getting photos?

A. Wedding photos are a must have on any couples checklist, but don’t forget about videography.  We often hear that a couples #1 regret is not getting videography for their wedding/event day.  It definitely will add on to the total budget, but having a video keepsake is well worth the investment.  The wedding day is very busy for the bride & groom, so having videography is the perfect way to capture the special moments and retell the unique story of your wedding/event.


Q. What is a wedding highlight video?

A. This is a short video that that showcases some of the many highlights from your wedding/event day.


Q. Can I use my own music for the video?

A. A bit of a tricky question with a yes and no answer. There are different licenses available depending on the expected use of the video (personal or online).  Therefore the highlight videos that we post on our website and vimeo pages for you to share on the Internet with family and friends require an individual license.  Also, our editors have the creative freedom to choose a song type that best fits the footage/theme for they story they edit.


Q. What can I expect for the finished video product?

A. All our videos are fully edited to uniquely retell the story of your special day.  Our videos are chaptered so your can navigate easily back and forth. We also custom design menu interfaces for you to navigate through to your favorite parts effortlessly.  We provide our finished video products in a custom designed high quality print media & case.


Q. Why should I upgrade to Blu-Ray?

A. A Blu-Ray upgrade provides a fabulous high quality HD copy for crystal clear playback.  Our packages come with SD DVD videos, which still look great, but if you were accustomed to watching HD quality then an upgrade would better suit your needs.


Q. Can I tell you how I want to the video edited?

A. We pride ourselves on delivering unique videos that showcase your event in a creative way, so our editors need the freedom to create this masterpiece.  Feel free to look at our video samples to see if you like our editing style. We are open to suggestions prior to filming if you would like to capture certain events or family members etc.  We will incorporate your must have shots into the fully finished video.  


Q. Do your videographers require meals during the wedding/event day?

A. Definitely – our hard working videographers are busy capturing your wedding/event, so they can’t leave the festivities to go out and grab some grub. Many couples plan a vendor table for their reception floor plan that often includes their vendors: photographers, videographers and DJ.